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Welcome to Diploma World! We are your One-Stop Shop for all of your Fake High School Diploma, Fake College or University Diploma, International Fake Degrees, Fake Transcripts and basically all of your Fake Diploma needs.

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Everything most fake diploma shops on the internet make is custom designed by a highly qualified graphic designer, printed on real Diploma paper and real Transcript paper giving you documents that look and feel 100% Authentic.

In most cases any order they receive no matter whether it’s for a fake diploma, a fake transcript or even a combo package of both items is packaged up and shipped out within 48 business hours. This means purchases can be made anywhere in the world and arrive in no time flat.

I can tell you with confidence that most fake diploma purchases will be handled smoothly with no headaches and you will have a novelty document hanging up on the wall of your home or office before you know it.

That being said, there are some companies out there that you may want to stay away. Businesses who have been known to scam buyers. In most cases the warning signs are fairly obvious but some still overlook them. I have spent a great deal of time writing about why people love fake diplomas and what to look for when buying these items. I hope to assist you with the great deal of misinformation out there.

If my blog or content helps you find somebody you trust, I would appreciate it if you would try to use my referral code. In some cases websites have included it for a 15% discount. This allows me a kickback and helps me financially support this site.

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Wait before I go forward, haven’t I seen this site before?

Yes, you likely have. At one point, Diploma-World.com was owned and operated by a former employee of famous fake diploma shop. The company struggled to get off the ground and after a number of complaints surfaced about quality, the owner made the tough decision to close down.

Since then the site has sort of floated around the internet not doing much.

I recently purchased the domain rights and started this blog. I don’t sell diplomas myself like the previous owner. Also, if coming here because he ripped you off and you have a score to settle there is nothing I can do about that. I would call your bank.

I can tell you that I am here to simply offer advice and try and point you in the right direction. I realize the internet can be overwhelming when it comes to finding reliable advice about purchasing such products. I hope you find this content helpful at the very least.

Please take a moment to poke your head around, read my blog postings and say “hello” should you need any help.

That’s fine but what will I need when purchasing fake diplomas?

Most sites out there are going to collect some pretty basic details about what you want made. This will include the name of the school you want the diploma from, also what type of diploma it is. Keep in mind most sites will produce custom documents from ged testing centers, high schools, colleges and universities all over the world.

Next, they may want to know what name you want printed on it, what dates you want showcased and details about the degrees you need displayed.

Most sites choose to keep the questions simple to prevent confusion. You will see some businesses that choose a “build you diploma” approach to sales. This includes having you pick the paper color, paper size, seal type, etc. It can be confusing for some as many wonder why a so-called fake diploma expert just doesn’t give you what you need? In other words, why is your responsibility to know what paper color is right for you and the diploma you want printed?

Once all information is gathered, the item is paid for and shipped out to you. Delivery times can depend on the supplier but most do ship out orders in 24 to 48 hours. Added delays may include custom requests or sample approvals.