Are Fake Diplomas Legal?

Fake diploma and Novelty diploma websites have been around for years and their customers decide to purchase the items for a variety of reasons. It is not illegal to purchase and own a fake diploma or fake transcript, but it is important to know that fake diplomas and fake transcripts are not meant to be used as a substitute for a real education and certainly not to be used to apply for a job. Doing so is a violation of the law and constitutes fraud. It is also an unethical practice and if you are caught it can destroy your credibility.

Regardless of the risks, college degrees are highly sought after in times of economic hardship. If you are tempted to use a fake diploma to apply for a good job or get into school, we encourage you to think again. Many companies require a university degree of some sort in order to apply for a job and will take steps to verify that you actually graduated from the university or high school on your application.

However, fake diplomas and fake degrees can be a great deal of fun if they are used as they are intended. Here are some great ways you can use your fake diploma:

1.) They can be used to play a prank on your friends or family, tricking them into thinking you actually got that degree. Have you ever told someone you knew how to fix something or that you were an expert on some topic, but they just didn’t believe you? Well show your skeptical friend the diploma that proves you’re right!

2.) You can use a fake diploma for self-affirmation purposes. Have you worked in a specific field for a long time but never had the time to go to college and earn a degree? Do you want to have a diploma to hang on your wall at the office or in your home to show off your hard work? A fake diploma can be a great way to get that satisfaction. For example: You may be a very good auto mechanic and want something to make you feel good about what your natural life skill. A fake certificate might do that for you.

3.) You can replace the real diploma that you misplaced or damaged. We’re only human and replacing your degree through the high school or university can be difficult and costly, and sometimes impossible. That’s where a¬†fake university diploma¬†comes in handy.

4.) Lastly, you can use your fake diploma to sustain your motivation while working hard to earn your degree. Mounting a fake degree on the wall in front of your study table can be a driving force in getting you to graduation. It is symbolic of your goal, but also tangible: something you can feel and see every day.

Fake High School Diplomas

A fake copy of a high school diploma, when done right, can impress your friends and blow the minds of your neighbors when done right. That’s because a beautifully crafted fake high school diploma can capture the layout, structure and format of the real thing all the while displaying your name and proper dates making other believe the diploma is totally legitimate.

Why do most people love fake high school diplomas?

Like most fake diplomas, these documents are often purchased to replace a lost or damaged diploma. They can also be bought as a novelty item to play a trick on an unsuspected guest. For others they can be as esteem booster encouraging somebody considering dropping out to return to school and focus on their education.

What to consider when purchasing fake high school diplomas?

The company you are doing business with is key. There are lot of fly by night companies in any industry, specially the novelty diploma business. Finding a site with solid customer support and reliable means of communication is very important.

It’s also important to state the quality of the documents they are producing. The reality is any fake high school diploma that doesn’t look legitimate doesn’t do anybody any good. We understand this as much as you do.

Any good site with years of experience will have records of different diploma designers ensuring they can precisely replicate any diploma from a high school in your area.

7 Reasons to Buy a Fake Diploma

Have you have been thinking about purchasing a Fake Degree Certificate or a Fake Diploma.

Here are the top 7 reasons to Buy a Fake Diploma.

Earn some Respect with a Fake Diploma.

Yes that is correct we said “respect”. While most fake degree certificates are designed to look and feel real we do not encourage you to trick your boss, but they could be used to gain further respect over your coworkers. You know who we are talking about. Everybody has that coworker that thinks they are better than everybody else and lets everybody know it. Show them your new Fake Diploma and watch them become quite real quickly.

Have you ever noticed when you visit your Doctor they normally have 3 or 4 diplomas hanging on the wall in there office. When I see more than one diploma in a office I immediately have more respect and trust for the individual. Hang a couple of fake diplomas in your own office and see how quickly you feel more trusted and respected.

Use them to gain status and recognition. People with Masters or Doctorate degrees normally get preferential treatment from low insurance rates to setting up new business relationships.

Fake Diplomas as Replacement Diplomas. Replace a Lost or Damaged Degree from Your School

Replacement Fake Diplomas are a perfect option for people that want to hang a copy of their Diploma at work and their home or just to protect their original Diploma.

They are also a great option if you have lost or misplaced your original. They are great for Entertainment or Jokes. Do you know someone that is always getting in everybody’s business or always giving you advice on your relationship? How about getting them a Fake PHD Diploma in Foreign Relationships as a gift.

Buy a Fake Diploma cause it cost less than college.

Buy a Fake Diploma because it costs thousands of dollars less than a real diploma and is a quick and affordable option for everybody.

Buy a Fake Diploma as a replica until you receive your real Diploma. Many Schools will not issue your real diploma to you until you have paid the school off completely, this includes stupid parking tickets. Also many schools take months to send you your real diploma.