Fake Degrees Fake Out Your Coworkers!

Fake Degrees Fake Out Your Coworkers!

Are you considered a jokester by your coworkers? Do you add a bit of fun and flair that beats down the monotonous boredom that can creep up in the workplace? Want another great trick to play on your coworkers? Buy a Degree in a profession that has nothing to do with what you do from Diploma World and watch the fun begin.

Take it to work with you and show all of your coworkers that you are multi talented and smart as a tack. You know more than just the basics and you can prove it. A Geology fake degree can allow you to create some interesting stories about volcanoes and earthquakes that you have experienced over the weekend in South America. If you are the “go to” guy that somehow knows everyone’s problems, a Psychology fake degree just might be right for you.

Display your fake degree prominently in your cubicle where only your coworkers can see it and watch the conversation fly. They will wonder if you really did explore the volcano in South America last weekend and wonder where they too can get a part time job as a Geologist. Jet setting around the world on weekends can be so exciting! If you want to hang it up, check out our article onĀ framing your fake diploma.

With your Psychology fake degree you could offer some off the wall advice when that annoying coworker comes up because you are the one that everyone in the office tells their problems to. Tell them something like Sigmund Freud says the solution to their marital problem is to sleep outside naked in the rain. Or something along that line of silliness. No matter what the problem is you can give an off the wall answer that makes absolutely no sense. Add a little head shake up and down with a wink when you say it to add a bit of drama and perfection to the charade. They will probably eventually stop coming to you with their problems. But in the meanwhile, you can definitely have some fun with it.

One major thing not to do when using a fake degree to play a joke on your coworkers is allow it to go too far! Fake degrees fake out your friends but should never fake out your employer. If at any time, anyone with any authority inquires about your fake degree you need to tell them the truth immediately about the joke that you are pulling on your coworkers. Fake degrees can look almost like the real thing and are sometimes mistaken as authentic. The joke is on your coworkers. Not your employer. So don’t take any chances with a joke that goes too far because eventually, it could be on you.