A Fake Degree Online Faked the Know-It-All

While I was wandering randomly in the internet on such a boring lazy afternoon, I came across Diploma World, where you could buy fake degrees. I thought this was interesting, you could actually go around telling everyone you’ve finished a degree and no one would ever suspect you of actually buying a fake degree online, because, well hello it’s not really something everyone would do. You’d actually find this site randomly or you are hopelessly in need of a fake degree, who would have thought you could get away with it. I was interested in this, but I really don’t have anything to use it for, so i just went on browsing other stuffs that caught my attention in the internet, and put the site out of my mind.

A week after the day I discovered about Diploma World where they sell fake degrees and you can buy it online, I had a cup of coffee with my best friend from High School. We are having such a good time reminiscing about High School, when suddenly another friend of ours stumbled her way to us. She was not really that much of a friend since we, our High School group of friends, had a love and hate relationship with her. She just invited herself into the conversation and started reminiscing with us. All was so well for the first ten minutes of the talk, but after that she went downhill. She started bragging and bragging about how she got a degree in Management, how she was the top of the class. In short she was on top of her game, it annoyed us. You see, she was of the bossy, know-it-all type that’s why nobody really liked her that much. After she left, I told about my friend about and we got the idea to fool our bossy frenemy into thinking that we got a diploma from a good university too. We checked the site and saw that the fake degree online that they were selling and the diploma they’ll give us is almost like the best fake thing that we can buy online or not online. The people behind this company are really thorough in making the fake diploma just the same with the real one.

So we finally agreed to buy fake degrees from that site, then me and my friend I was with at the coffee shop decided to pull the prank on our frenemy, so we invited a few old friends along with her. As usual, she started making everyone feel incompetent and low with all the accomplishments and achievements she had. By an hour we were all rolling our eyes, and then me and my friend from the coffee shop finally dropped the bomb. We decided to flash our own “achievement” to her face. It finally made her stop showing off. After that, all of our friends knew about the prank except her. Well I guess only the Diploma-World.com could make a know-it-all believe that a fake degree online is true.