Making a Fake College Transcript

Creating a realistic fake college transcript is no easy task. You will need to have all of the right materials and equipment at your disposal if you want the document to look like the real thing. This includes, but is not limited to, official document security paper, proper embossments, holograms, transcript keys, seals, printing equipment and more. Home printer equipment will probably not be up to the task of printing on the highly sensitive security paper since any heat can bring out the security features, leaving the document appearing like it has been tempered with. Also, in the case of watermarks and seals, we find that standard home printers do not provide the quality and realism that you will probably demand from your novelty fake transcript.

Depending on the type of degree and major, you will also need knowledge of the correct coursework. For those of you who will be presenting your fake transcript to someone who will be looking at it longer than just a passing glance, you will know the importance of having relative coursework. If you are claiming to have a degree in engineering, but your coursework is from a liberal arts college, your fake transcript will appear unrealistic. Also, and equally as important, you will need to know the mathematics behind the college’s or university’s grading system. The transcript key will usually be printed on the back of the transcript, and explains this grading system to those who view it. College courses are weighted by credit-hours and some classes are worth more than others. Your GPA is determined by your grade and the relative weight of each class. Grading systems change depending on the country where the university or college is located. For example, receiving an “A” from a United States university would appears as an “HD” (high distinction) on an Australian transcript. Many people viewing your transcript will want to know how well you did in school, so it is important that the math adds up correctly. For those of you who do not have access to the necessary materials and equipment but would still like a realistic fake transcript, we are here to help.

We stock the official document security paper (just like the real schools use), as well as embossments, holograms, and transcript keys, etc. Also, we have all of the coursework on file for virtually every degree and major that exists. We have been making transcripts for a long time and have, over the years, become familiar with many different grading systems, so no matter where your school is located or what degree and major your prefer, we can create you an authentic-looking fake transcript. We have all of the tools at our disposal to create the most believable fake transcript that you can buy anywhere on the web. Pulling off your prank will take confidence and a straight-face that only a perfect fake transcript can give you.

Fake Transcripts Online

For some customers, having just a fake diploma will not be enough to pull of their prank. Sometimes a skeptical friend, colleague or family member is not going to be satisfied knowing just that you graduated, but will also want to see your grades. If this is you, you’re going to need to get fake transcripts online to compliment your diploma!

Maybe you told a friend you were on the dean’s list. Or, perhaps, your parents have spent quite a bit of money on your education and you want them to be sure it went to good use. Maybe your buddy at work says there is no way you got an A in physics. What are you going to tell them?

To be safe, it may be a good idea to match your fake diploma with a set of our fake transcripts. All of our fake transcripts online have been modeled after original layouts and are designed to look and feel just like the real thing. Our purpose is to create transcripts that can fool even the most skeptical person. We carry fake university and fake college transcripts, as well as fake high school transcripts, so our services can be helpful no matter what your situation is. We are familiar with many different types of grading systems, from high schools to U.S. and international universities.

Your information will be taken from the order form and used to create your personalized fake transcript online. It will then be printed on official transcript security paper (just like the real schools use), complete with the necessary embossments and novelty signatures. All of our paper has security features that let your viewers know that it the real deal. Don’t risk your prank on cheap imitations. If you are going to pull off a prank you need to do so with the confidence that it will not be questioned and only our fake diplomas and fake transcripts are realistic enough to stand next to the real thing.

All about Fake Academic Transcripts

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