High School Designs

Welcome to our Fake High School Diploma Selection! We have a totally awesome selection of diplomas for you to choose from here! Here is a break down of what we offer:

1.) Our very popular Custom High School Diploma. Hands down, this is the best option we have in the fake high school diploma department! Arguably, it is the best option available anywhere online. It is a little bit more expensive than the other options, but let me tell you what you get! If you choose our Custom High School Diploma,we will take all of the information from your order form, such as name of school, date of graduation, etc. and run it through our database. We will then pull the best diploma option available and create a completely unique and amazing looking diploma just for you! On top of that, the custom high school diploma order form gives you the option to purchase an email proof. You can review the proof prior to shipping, make changes to the style, send us pictures, give us feedback or just send us a go-ahead to ship it out.

2.) Pick your own layout! This is our most affordable fake high school diploma option, but still a fantastic way to get a realistic-looking diploma nonetheless. We'll show you a few layouts below and then you pick which one you want and fill out the order form. Easy as that! There is no option for a sample here, but that really speeds up the shipping process and you'll get your very own fake high school diploma in a flash.

We build each order from the bottom up. You give us the details and we use our huge collection of templates to pick the right design. Then we begin customizing it to suit your needs!

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You pick your own layout.  We will show you three different diploma layouts and you pick the one you want customized and printed onto real diploma paper.

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