High School Designs With Transcripts

This is our money-saving, full package deal that includes a fake high school diploma and transcript. You get to choose from the same great options from our our original high school diploma section and add a transcript to it - all at a discounted price! If you really want to make an impression with your fake high school diploma, then pairing it with a fake high school transcript is a no-brainer! We will take special care to make sure your transcript will be the perfect compliment to your diploma.  Your selection is broken down just like the diploma category, so you get to choose from one of two options:

1.) Our Custom High School Diploma with Transcript.  With your purchase you will get the Custom High School Diploma design service and a matching transcript all at a reduced price. Just fill out the order form and we use the information you give us to pull the best diploma design for you! If you like, you even get a say during the design process. Just purchase the email sample option (only available on the custom diploma products) and you may request changes to the layout, send us pictures, give us feedback or just send us a go-ahead to print! This really is the best choice for those looking for a very realistic fake high school diploma - and pairing it with our fake high school transcript just makes it all that much better!

2.) Pick your own diploma layout! This is our budget high school diploma choice. It's a bit more affordable but it does not lack in quality or realism. With this option, you see a handful of diploma layouts and pick which one you like best! We will then pair it with a set of transcripts and send it out to you! It is very quick and very affordable way to get a great-looking diploma and transcript to your doorstep!

We build each diploma from the bottom up. You give us the details and we use our huge collection of templates to pick out the right design.  Then we start working to customize it for your needs! Comes with a fake transcript to match!

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You pick your own layout.  We will show you three different diploma layouts and you pick the one you want customized and printed onto real diploma paper. Comes with a transcript to match.

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